About Us

Instant Beauty was founded with a goal to revolutionise the way you feel about skincare. We are a space exclusively devoted to providing you with high-quality skincare. For us, skincare is the most important step of any beauty routine. We want to make your skincare experiences effortless and enjoyable, because who doesn’t love feeling beautiful in their own skin?

We love our skincare, but we hate the struggle of going to different locations to source all of our favourite products. Our mission is to create a one-stop website full of all your skincare needs, so that you can have stress-free, beautiful skin.

Every product that we bring to Instant Beauty, we test on our own faces, to make sure that they work for YOU. 

Self-care is so important for the mind, body and soul, and we believe that a great skincare routine plays a big part in that. That’s why we look to educate and assist our customers in finding the best products for their individual skin type, so that they can make informed decisions about what they put on their skin.

For us, skincare is a an experience. A daily ritual, a little slice of self-care and a luxury. We want to share this experience with you.


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