My Story

Hi everyone! My name is Darcey, and I am the owner of Instant Beauty. I am currently 20 years old and in my final year of study at University. Today I wanted to write to share with you all more about my skin journey, and the origins behind Instant Beauty, as well as the goals I aim to accomplish within this platform. 

I have been through so much with my skin. Throughout high school, I had reasonably clear, versatile skin. Every morning and night I used a benzyl peroxide based cleanser and cream, and that was it! I cringe when I think about this now, because of the damage I did to my skin from this harsh, drying routine. 

When I got to my first year of University when I was 18, my skin went from versatile to the most sensitive it has ever been overnight, and I had a severe reaction to the benzyl peroxide products! My whole face was bright red and burning. The next day I went out and brought a tea tree cleanser, thinking that it would be kinder to my skin. Little did I know, I am allergic to tea tree products and this gave me a rash all over my face! At this point I was at a loss, as I had no skincare knowledge. From this point onwards, I had hyper-sensitive skin, prone to cystic acne breakouts. 

May 2018, 19 years old, during the worst breakouts May 2018, 19 years old, during the worst breakouts

May 2018, 19 years old, during the worst breakouts 

For two years I struggled so much with acne. It really ruined my self-confidence as i had no idea how to deal with it and make it go away! Not only did I have acne, I also was terrible at leaving it alone. I began to always touch and pick my healing acne, which meant that I was left with some acne scarring on my forehead, cheeks and chin. In this period I bounced between so many different types of treatments. I used Differin on and off, which is a topical retinol cream made to cure acne. However, this cream only made my skin more sensitive and did nothing for my breakouts. I finally ended up at a Dermatologist's office November last year, having tried everything I could. My Dermatologist prescribed me a course of Oratane, an acne-curing drug high in Vitamin A. 

April 2019, midway through my Oratane treatment, experiencing severe dryness!

April 2019, midway through my Oratane treatment, experiencing severe dryness!

I used Oratane for 7 months and began on a 20mg dose, which was upped to 40mg later on. If you've heard anything about Oratane, it has some pretty nasty side effects, including super dry skin, lips and eyes, as well as making you very sensitive to sunlight. It can also effect your joints and make them really stiff, give you nosebleeds, and bad headaches. I experienced all of this, but I was happy to see my skin suddenly stopped being oily, and I felt like I was having less breakouts. I was supposed to stay on Oratane for 9 months, but I had to stop at 7 because I struggled too much with the side effects. When I stopped, my skin wasn't perfect but now I am much happier with it, as I have minimal breakouts currently, although now I have to deal with the other issues it caused, like the dryness. Throughout my entire Oratane journey, I was discovering and using all of the high-quality skincare products I have on my website now. I believe in these products as they helped me to heal my skin and kept it healthy through this treatment. 

My skin now!

My skin now! I still have some acne scarring on my cheeks, but I am confident and happy in my own skin, and I refuse to cover it up.

My story motivated me to educate myself about what products are best for my skin, and made me realise my passion in skincare, and finding products that WORK. Through going through what I did, I discovered that many people struggle with their skin and aren't happy with it, and I felt compelled to change this by starting Instant Beauty. By bringing together the products that I believe in, and by testing them out all on my own face, I know that I can help people get the results they want for their own skin. 

I believe that in current society, we are always told to cover up our imperfections, and are expected to look a certain way. I want to change this! I have never been a makeup wearer and I only used it to cover my biggest insecurity, my acne. Makeup should only be used for fun and because you WANT to use it, not because you feel that you have to cover up! This is the reason I am coming forward to share my experiences with you, and to provide you with products that work, so that you can feel CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL in your own skin, and wear it with pride. Instant Beauty is a platform made to celebrate all skin types, and to promote skin positivity, no matter what, and I hope you feel comfortable here. 

If you have any questions or queries about your skin or anything in general, please don't hesitate to contact me, either via our contact page or by sending an email to hello@instantbeauty.co.nz. Also I would love to connect with you on social media. All of our social pages can be found @instantbeauty.co.nz, and are linked at the bottom of our website. x